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Sherlock is actually a girl's name

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I love Sherlock and johnlock and bunnies and goats and cute things
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Fandom Family Update

Off to bed now! Here’s the family page so far c: Let me know what you think?

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isthatmyunicorn asked: Can I be Daddy Holmes please? :D

Ugh sorry he was taken and I forgot to update the page ;w; These are the ones I need now-

  • Sarah Sawyer
  • Mike
  • Lady Smallwood
  • Henry Knight
  • Major Sholtoe
  • Sebastian Wilkes

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imangiepangie asked: Is Kitty taken? :)

Nope c: You’re Kitty

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martinfuckman asked: omgg i missed this and i wanted to be john or jim aufhauhfafa okay can i be harry watson or seb moran??

Harry Watson for you! <3 Oh who do you have as your headcanon for an icon? c:

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Anonymous asked: youre so cool im jealous :o

omg what no I’m not ahah 


frigginhiddlestoner replied to your post “Can I be Daddy Holmes?”

Instead of daddy Holmes can I be Harry Watson? Or is it to late to switch?

Sorry my friend, I just made special effort to make you Daddy Holmes ahah it’s a bit late too change ;w; oh quick question, what’s your name? (For the page c:)